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Blue Gem Sticker | Glitter

The Sticker | Blue Gem (Glitter) is a weapon sticker introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on August 16, 2022 as part of the “10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule“, released for CS:GO’s 10th birthday together with new maps and a collectable coin (“Happy Birthday CS:GO!” update).
The rarity of the Blue Gem Sticker is Remarkable and it shows an evident (and beautiful) Glitter effect.
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10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule - CSGOBlueGem

Blue Gem Sticker - Creators

The sticker was created by CS:GO community designersb3d” and “CptnKraken“.
In the workshop submission the artists stated that Blue Gems are such an important part of CS:GO’s heritage, therefore their goal was not only to celebrate the beauty of blue gem weapon and knives, but they designed a perfect sticker to be applied to blue gem skins (or to “make any craft look like a gem”).

The sticker is gorgeous even when scratched, when it would reveal a hidden “661” to represent the notorious CS2 AK-47 “Scar Pattern”. As an additional detail, the artists were also able to incorporate the official “Case Hardened” pattern template as a texture to the surface of the gem.

Blue Gem Sticker - HD Photo

Sticker Blue Gem Glitter - CSGOBlueGem

Blue Gem Sticker - Glitter Inspect Animation

Blue Gem Sticker Inspect Animation Glitter - CSGOBlueGem

Blue Gem Sticker - Scraping Animation

Blue Gem Sticker Scraping Scrape Animation - CSGOBlueGem
Image by b3d via Steam Workshop

Blue Gem Sticker - AK-47 Weapon Scrape

Video by Bastert via Twitter