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Kukri Knife - Seed / Pattern: 891

CS2 Kukri Knife Case Hardened Seed Pattern 891

Pattern Description

Kukri Knife Case Hardened Seed 891 is a playside blue gem and it is almost identical to Kukri pattern 917. The playside of the knife is dominated by a vibrant blue color, covering 84% of its surface. The vivid blue area is spotless, especially the middle part of the blade, creating a stark contrast against the golden and purple hues near the handle and on the point of the blade. The spine and the cutting edge are perfectly blue in the central part. On the backside, it resembles a “beach pattern,” with much more ocean (blue side) from the middle to the tip of the knife, whereas the shore (the golden part) is located close to the handle of the blade, providing a bright and interesting contrast.